What The New Year Is For Me

This was originally a text message I sent to my close friend Alyssa yesterday. It was long, but God bless her heart for how she lets me write long texts to her and then tells me she enjoys them when I apologize for that. She did say it was soothing to read though, so out of respect to her I figured I’d take her suggestion and write it out. Enjoy πŸ™‚


I like the new start. It’s important to me to, because it lets me kind of organize. For instance, some goals and things I did in 2013 I’ll never do again. Same with ’14, ’15 and so forth. Also, it’s fun to think about further down the road and wonder what’ll come to fruition that started in ’13. What will get stronger in ’14 because of it you know? Who will I look back with in four or five years and hear say “THAT grabbed my attention. It was *insert moment here* that made me think you might be the guy for me.” That kind of thing. New year is new hope; the moment the band aids come off from the wounds that were inflicted all year and patched in December. It’s the revelation of new power, broader and more prevalent ambition. It’s the recognition and renewed faith that passionate, zealous love for a person is something worth waiting to give to a girl, even though I had hoped to do so last year. It’s Spring returning, and the blossoming of the soul. It’s summer coming, it’s frisbee again and the hope of warmer weather. It’s the hope for rain to dance all the way home in after a story I wrote runs on the front page or a girl invites you to walk her to class every day because you kept her laughing for 10 solid minutes as you walked with her for the first time.

#LoveTangent πŸ˜›


Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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