Catching Up

Dear readers,

It’s February 3rd today. As I stand here, waiting for laundry to finish on a busy Monday morning, I write y’all to explain my noticeable (I’d hope anyways) lack of writing since the NFL divisional round of the playoffs. Or, for you non-sports fans, about three weeks ago.

Here’s what happened. The day before I went to write my post about the upcoming playoff weekend, I was sitting down and enjoying coffee. It was a gorgeous day, I had just finished a run the previous night and I was still, somehow, feeling the endorphins run through my system after a wonderful eight hours of sleep.

As I sat on the couch, coffee in my hands as my laptop sat in my lab, the little dong that one of my roommates was babysitting came and jumped up on my lap. Now, this wasn’t a problem in and of itself because I heard the dog come out as my roommate opened her door, and had moved my arms up so that the dog could run over my lap and just past me on the couch. No problem right? Well, as my roommate walked through the kitchen, she knocked over a cup of pens and markers we have. This caused the dog, who was then already excitedly sitting on top of my keyboard in my lap, to be startled. Thus, she actually jumped STRAIGHT UP. The result? My coffee lost about two ounces, not to my drinking but to my keyboards absorption. That kind of shot any writing plans I had all the heck for the next week, which was wonderful since it was the week school was starting again for the Spring 2014 semester. Awesome….

However, God is good. Very good. As school started, I was provided with the funds via a “Pell Grant” from my school that allowed me to buy a second one. Don’t get me wrong, my faithful MacBook Pro is still working full speed, but it was too irritating to use with the coffee on the screen and keyboard. Nothing I could do was able to remove the stickiness form it, short of toughing it out. But I had needed to buy another laptop (a Windows based one on which I now write this) because unfortunately I still work for the United States Government, which requires me to take regular different classes so that they know I won’t drink and drive and stuff. The U.S. Government websites on which I have to take these courses however, does not support Macs in any way shape or form though.

Hence I have a new laptop, which I consider mainly for play (it’s a touch screen) and government work. It’s not as fast as my MacBook, which has a solid state hard drive and a dual core i5 processor, but it’s still fast enough for what I need (maybe faster for just it’s processor, which is a quad core AMD A6).

I’m protective with it too, though it was less than half the price of my MacBook. We’ll see how she holds up in the long run, but for now, I’m just letting you guys all know why I haven’t written in some time. For now, I hope y’all stick around.


Thanks for reading…! 🙂

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