Home improvements!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


As I start my celebration of another amazing year for America, I have chosen to spend my day doing home-improvement projects. Keep in mind I’m currently renting, so I can’t paint any walls or do anything if I can’t take it with me. But what I CAN do, is start learning to build and fine tune furniture. I come from a pedigree of home improvement/construction parents. This year, I built a desk from scratch, designed with some conceptual help from a guy at Home Depot, and put it together myself as well. I stained it, then decided I wanted to change it and make it something colorful to help inspire ideas. So I sanded it down, painted it red on the top and orange on the legs, and started using it.

Today, I’ve decided to add another coat of paint, 2-layers deep, on top of the red desktop. Previously, I had painted it and the gloss was exactly what I wanted. However, it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted. It looked like a little series of short paintbrush strokes.

So my goal today was to make that coat look more uniform, like a sheet of glass. We’ll see how it turns out. 🙂

Also, I took a spare board from the last project and a couple of 2X4s and cut them down so now I have nearly all I need for two separate end-tables. I’ll need another set of 2X4s to make the second, and a set of support beams, but when it’s all said and done, I’ll have two tables that match the desk I’ve already got. I’ve also painted all of the legs red using the same Behr paint I used for the top of my desk.

With any luck, I’ll have these two tables done for my new place as early as labor day. 🙂

Here are some photos 🙂

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