Craving An Adventure!!

Let’s be real about this! I’m craving adventure!


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a photo a friend has posted of her and some friends of hers doing yoga by a lake! They were perched up, overlooking it with their mats on the rocks as they stood seemingly perfectly balanced, in tree pose. Oh how I longed to be them!!! To know how to do a full sequence of yoga sure, that’d be cool. But more essentially, to be able to take my mat somewhere, or, to be OUT SOMEWHERE, and say “Wow! This is a pretty place! Let’s do Yoga!” and to then just stop and do it!.

As I sit here alone in a room I deliberately darkened to watch a movie I’ll not name, I have another consideration that’s been pulling at my heart lately. I have a desire to go out and study scripture. It’s been weird lately, but in the last week or two, the desire to do so has been pulling at me. It hasn’t been sudden, so I haven’t noticed it. Rather, it’s been slow to onset; masking itself within my mind in the cloak of my own already confident faith, but it’s started to exert its force more confidently in my life. I’ve felt the urge to dive in and study more than I maybe ever have. It feels good!

The combination of Scripture and yoga together excite me! I know yoga can be it’s own religion system, but I want to use it as a way of clearing my head and focusing my mind on my own religious system: That of Jesus Christ, and the Lord our God.

So here I sit, and as I do, I dream of taking my Bible and my yoga mat out somewhere! Maybe not now, maybe not today and maybe not far away, but at the very least I want to learn. I want to grow in the knowledge of both! Grow so I can go out by January 27th when I’ve been a Yogi for a year, I can start to go out randomly with not but my yoga mat and my Bible, and go find a grassy field and decide this is where I shall be.

That’s what I want! No! That’s what I CRAVE lately! To go practice Yoga while meditating on the scriptures by a lake somewhere. 🙂

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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