“TapDance” class/”In America” Notes/Thoughts

In Tap class a couple of weeks ago, we watched the film “Tap In America.” I paid attention of course, but the writer in me can’t not take notes during such things, because I write to remember, as well as to entertain. However, I asked a question Thursday and it could be said that this question indicated I hadn’t exactly paid perfect attention to the film. So I want to clear up why I didn’t exactly catch everything like I would have if I hadn’t had my notebook, or in this case my iPad with my notes app, open. Here’s what I took. No particular description can be added, as I don’t remember what was going on in the film while I took these notes, I just know what I thought. Here it is, transposed exactly, smiley faces and all :).

“TapDance” class/”In America” Notes/Thoughts (Note says date was Nov. 6, 2014)

I wonder what Latin-American style tap would/does sound like?

–Maybe something like Bachata in tap shoes? Or Zumba?

–Let’s pretend for a moment it’s totally natural of me to think all this πŸ˜›

–But for real, that’d be a killer Julie question

Bringing out iPod armband for after class would be a really good idea

Black shoes are the way for me I think. Not a fan of white or silver or anything

I love the way tap can be used as like an added drum by the dancer to add something to the music. For all those times I spent long drives beating with a pen on the dashboard, all this hours visualizing myself recomposing a piece to add an extra set of snare drums when I had nowhere near the music theory knowledge needed, nor the motivation to attain such a thing…I think this stuff may have been what God was leading me up to. This is where all of those experiences can play a part in mine; where what I’ve always wanted to do can be possible on in the most true-to-me way possible…

Unconventionally πŸ™‚

If we’re to keep doing this though, and be expressive about it, we’re going to need to introduce more calcium into our diet and be careful. As a runner, this style puts me at a much higher injury risk than most other dancers and/or runners.

Another Julie question: Do most performance dancers keep a set of black shoes and a set of white ones then? Or how does that all work?

Alas; why we do yoga πŸ˜›

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