“Reconstruction mode”; fall break 2014

On Friday, Nov, 21. 2014 at 9 a.m. local time, I officially declare my fall break started.

I hereby officially declare myself in “reconstruction mode” until 9 p.m. on Saturday Nov, 29.

For those of you who don’t know, I tend to take a different approach to “vacations” than many. While many extroverts use the time away from school and other commitments to hang out and spend time with family, I’m more about drawing back in and isolating myself rather stringently from the outside world during such times. While that doesn’t sound like an “extroverted” idea by society’s modern definition, on Meyers Briggs tests I come as an ENFP. For a description of what means exactly check out this link. In the meantime, here’s a quote from it describing exactly why I can call myself an extrovert and still need this time alone:

“…Unlike other Extraverted types, ENFPs need time alone to center themselves, and make sure they are moving in a direction which is in sync with their values. ENFPs who remain centered will usually be quite successful at their endeavors. Others may fall into the habit of dropping a project when they become excited about a new possibility, and thus they never achieve the great accomplishments which they are capable of achieving.”

Thus I consider myself in “reconstruction mode” until this fall break ends. Of course I’ll spend Thanksgiving with the family and we’ll have a great amount of fun doing so. But I will use this time even more vitally to reanalyze myself and make sure what I’m doing and see how I can continue to increasingly be even more true to who I am. Lots of prayer will be done, lots of study academically will be done, and plenty of writing will be done especially on this blog :). However, my contact with other individuals (many of whom are leaving this college town for “home” anyways) will be rather limited. I’ll hang with those I can, do Yoga as much as possible, and focus mostly on philosophically reviewing how I’m living both in my thoughts and in my actions.

In other words, I’m going to recheck my foundations and strengthen them wherever possible. I may knock down a few walls that have been built in my mind over the last few months, and I may build a few which were recently knocked down. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s time to get to work.

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