Class assignment: Write a poem in Haiku format

So for my English 310 class here at the university, I have to write a Haiku for class. I don’t know if it’s very good but at least I think I got the syllable counts right; should be 5-7-5 if I’m counting correctly (which is something I double checked and discovered that I am as long as you count “does” as only one syllable. I’m still new to the whole syllable counting practice).

Anyways, tell me what y’all think 🙂 It’s called: Long Run Motivation. It’s based on the fact that yesterday on my long run, I basically froze. I’m probably a bit too proud of myself for this. Enjoy 😛

Long Run Motivation

Cold wind slows my run,

Why does anyone do this!!!

OOOO! Hi girl runner! 😀

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