Announcement: I’m going to change my approach to running a little bit

I’ve made a decision. I will not attempt the Austin full marathon this coming February. I WILL still run the half though. That’ll be my third half, and will be better for me for a number of reasons.

I make that decision because I’m running out of roads and places to run in this little town, and it’s wearing me out honestly. I’m finding myself gradually less interested because I’ve having a hard time finding any adventure in it here, and it’s eating at my interest, which I need to keep for at least 85 more year :P. But the camaraderie of Austin, the joy of being back in a place like that and running with 3000 other runners with the chance to not only finish but to compete is encouraging and could very likely relight that competitive excitement within me that I’ve missed channeling. :).

So we’ll go, same date and time, and we’ll try and break 1:35 to set a PR. That’s what we did at Prairie Fire last year, and I feel this year I made so many steps forward in my progression as an athlete that I stand a good chance of doing something wonderful in Austin if I focus on the distance I can do.

I may or may not ever complete a full, but that doesn’t stress me too much. After all, only saying you ever ran half marathons doesn’t automatically denote you as “out of shape” by any means :P. Just saying 🙂

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