Something that came to me a few weeks ago

A few weeks ago, I got up and got my morning started with the typical excitement that I usually feel. But instead of turning on music via my iPhone, I decided to go through the motions without it. I turned off my technology packed world and did my morning activities without music. A little organization here, a little stacking up of miscellaneous papers for later sorting there, making the bed, putting some things in the closet, nothing life changing by any means.

As I did this, however, I noticed a certain degree of peacefulness, and it reminded me that, as much as I love music and starting my days off moving with a sick beat, there’s some pleasure in doing things to the beat of your own heart. There’s something comforting about doing things to the sound of your own breath, and to the cadence of your own, self-generated, energy. Then thought of something, and I went to my dry-erase board and wrote it down. It’s been there for weeks, but I think the message is still relevant. Here it is:

Listen to the sound,

Of your own song,

Listen to the pounding,

Listen to the gong,

Listen to the silence,

Of a beat still, yet strong,

Listen to the sound,

Of your own life’s song.

Think about it :).

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