My Two Philosophies Of 2015

Hope, not expectation,

Joy, not anticipation,

No error,

Little inhibition.

I’ve got a Primary Goal and a Secondary Goal this year. Lots of others exist under them, but my whole 2015 will be built on these two concepts which I’ll tell myself daily. The above poem (if you’ll call it that) will go on my door so I see it every day on the way out, just to remind myself to enjoy where things are, and to be patient while letting them grow if that’s their will. Specifically, this pertains to relationships, that’s the only place I’ll show any inhibition this year, for the betterment hopefully of every friendship I have, both new and old.

Here are my two goals in 2015. These are pulled straight from my longer list, and are what I will read myself every day, which is why they’re written in the form they are. I love the order I wrote them in, I didn’t realize I’d start so critical of myself but finish so kind. That wasn’t deliberate, but I’m glad it worked that way. It’ll be a killer way to start my day I think. 🙂 Here they are:

Primary Goal 2015

Enjoy what things are, without regard for what they could become. We’ve sabotaged too many friendships and relationships throughout our life by unknowingly putting pressure on them because of what our hopes were. In 2015, we will not do that. We will digress and ease the pressure on what relationships are pressured by previous exertions of such expectation, and we’ll channel more joy into those relationships about what they actually are; whether that’s just starting or set in stone or anywhere in between, hopefully saving them. In all subsequent new ones, we shall be good from the start.

Secondary Goal 2015

Be kind to yourself. You’re a good writer, a dancer with great potential, an incredible runner, a good man who can be great, and you know what you’re doing. God speaks to you even when you don’t realize it. Don’t forget that 🙂 Trust Him to guide you, both through what you feel and believe, and through others. This is your second biggest goal this year, dear self. Be better to yourself than you ever have been. Compete hard with yourself like you always do, but don’t forget to take a second now and appreciate what you’ve done to get where you are. Remember this goal, and our primary one in 2015, daily. Read them, and learn them.

It’s going to be an incredible year everyone. Keep smiling 🙂

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