About :)

Welcome to Through The Eyes Of The Beholder. 🙂

You’ll find two things on this website:

  • Great, expressive, passionate writing
  • And lots of great Tap Dance-related content, aimed at building new communities and connections within the Tap Dance genre :).

Here at Through The Eyes Of The Beholder, we’ll share with you the beauty in life.

It’s everywhere: from the people who stop to help the random stranger with lit hazards on the highway, to the secret way the ballerinas practice through pain so they can smile through it on the stage, to the way the young, college couple kisses quickly in public; bashful but totally unaware of how they have inspired those around them.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not unaware of the evil in the world, or of the sadness, or of the chaos, or of the hatred. But such things are easily found, and are reported, elsewhere.

You are in a sanctuary from such things.

This shall be a place where you can come when the world depresses you, or when you need to hear something good, something different, or maybe just something thought provoking and interesting to take your mind off whatever you’re going through or wherever you are.

That’s one of the overwhelming goals of this website: to serve as a sanctuary from the bad, and remind you, or teach you, of the good.

The other goal is to be a place where Dancers, especially Tap Dancers, can relax and connect.

Every month, we’ll have a “Beholder’s Tap Challenge,” where we’ll post a 30-second or so clip of some choreography done somewhere, share the link to it, then video ourselves doing it with an added step or modification, before we challenge our readers to modify it in some way and share the video with us!

And that’s just one of our many ideas.

There will also be links to fun Tap Dance clips, dance videos, health articles relating to dance, and hopefully even posts submitted from other dancers or interviews with choreographers all around the world. :).

Welcome to our website. We think you’ll like it here :).

About Our Creative Team

Me after the 2015 Austin Half Marathon  Shelton M. Burch, “The Beholder”

My name is Shelton Matthew Burch and I’m an aspiring sports writer and Tap Dancer. :).

At heart, I am a hopeless romantic and an idealist (to steal a description from one of my English professors). I’m a senior in English-Creative Writing at Kansas State University with a minor in journalism and who loves taking dance classes. After I graduate in May, I hope to become a professional sports journalist and teach adult Tap classes. I also run half-marathons and practice yoga.

My journey to dance began when I was 24 years old. In January 2014, I took a level one Jazz dance class here at K-State that got me in the shape of my life in only about four months.

After that, I took my first Tap Dance class in August 2014, and I’ve been addicted to the style ever since. I have even worked my way into a spot on the Kansas State University Tap Dance Ensemble.

I love Tap for so many reasons. For its rhythms, for its musicality, and for the way it’s still dance, meaning it retains technique connections to beautiful things like Classical Ballet.

Most of all though, I love the way Tap Dance is still being shaped and growing as a genre within Dance. Compared to something like Ballet, Tap is such a young form, a lot like the United States compared to the old European countries.

It’s in this that I get really excited, because so much of the book on Tap remains to be written. So many directions haven’t been explored, and because of its youth there are very few long-standing traditions to discourage total exploration.

I hope to help Tap Dance become the most popular form of Tap Dance in America, and to convey my love of it to anyone bold enough to join me and give it a try.

But until then, I’m just focused on creating something beautiful for you here. So enjoy :).

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