Dance! :) (Category Description)

Welcome to my “Dance! :)” page! This post is specially written to show you, my wonderful readers (both potential and consistent), what you can find here.

Posts under this category will be where I share my thoughts about, or post photos/videos of, anything pertaining to dance that I don’t consider humorous enough to post under “The Newbie Chronicles.” Sometimes these posts will still have some humor element, but this will be a place where that won’t be a preset requirement. This page will be more where I write specifically about pursuits, struggles and triumphant moments related to my new journey as an aspiring dancer.

I aspire to become a performance level tap dancer, that is my primary style. I also seek to become nearly that good at Ballet and at least proficient in the Modern and Jazz styles as well. Generally, I love most Latin American styles more than anything outside of tap. So I may post stuff relating to Samba, Salsa or any other adventures I have pertaining to those as well. I’ll likely include Zumba workout related stuff under this category as well, since those workouts usually (in my very limited experience) are very heavily dance focused  with at most limited use of weights or outside props. 🙂

Have a thought? Leave a comment!

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