Home Improvement! :) (Category Description)

Welcome to my “Home Improvement! :)” page. This is a post specifically to describe what you’ll find here.

This is where I’ll post photos/videos and or writing pertaining to home improvement projects. That’ll include auto repair related things as well. I grew up in a household of “do-it-yourselfers,” my biological father being a construction worker since his teens and a now successful construction manager, and my mom being an artist in nearly every sense of the word; capable of walking into an old house and with very little effort telling you things about the place you didn’t know. Between my dad who can design, get approved with all applicable codes, then build just about anything, and my mom; who can remodel an inside of nearly any structure to make it a comfortable haven to have coffee in every morning, I come from a strong lineage there. Thus, as I start learning to build furniture, including the desk I now use every single day, I have lots that will be worth sharing in this category. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, this is your page :).

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