The Newbie Chronicles! (Category Description)

Welcome to this blog’s flagship page! If you enjoy anything on this blog, I believe it’s the stories here that will hook you :). This is, proverbially, “my baby” as a writer. This is my favorite page, and I’m sure it’ll be yours as well. 🙂

This is where you’ll find the more humorous of adventures in my life as a newly realized yogi and dancer. If I make some kind of mistake, or go through something that on explanation to my friends makes them laugh with any regularity, it’ll go here. If it’s ridiculous or so out of my comfort zone that I just have to pause and laugh it off, it’ll go here lol. The posts may not happen on an specific schedule, they’ll just be published as they happen. If I reference someone in particular in a way that may seem critical of them or offensive, I’ll usually get their permission first. So know that if it’s here, you can enjoy it and laugh at it guiltlessly.  🙂

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