Triumphant Return. Are You Ready? :)

Dear friends and readers, how I have missed thee! I was so hoping I’d write more to start this semester, but I’ve been unfaithful in that pursuit, until now. In the last month since classes started I’ve been so busy, accumulating stories and ideas to share like a computer store owner collects usb cables or a poet collects books :).

This weekend is a weekend of physical rest. I’ve travelled each of the last two weekends, and have worked out pretty much every day in that time as well, either via running, dance or miscellaneous other workouts I’ve had to do because of clubs or groups I’m a part of outside of school. So, with this weekend before me and the weather too realistically cold to go outside a whole lot, I shall spend today at home, either writing, doing homework or dancing. Mostly, I intend to write.

Dear reader, we shall become reacquainted this time, and I believe I’ll write much more in the coming weeks than I have in the last several. I hope you’re ready, because I am :).

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