Imaginary Poets Project, Introduction To Poetry Writing Class, Spring 2015

This project was created for my Introduction to Poetry Writing class. We had to create a poet who was different personally from us in at least two ways (age, gender, time period they lived, etc.) and was different from us stylistically in at least two ways. They could not be a real person such as a celebrity, but they had to have been theoretically possible, and part of our bio included the requirement that we justify how their poems were found and why they were a writer. In other words, it wasn’t enough to just create a poem and say “they wrote just because.” We had to justify them a little bit more than that. We were judged specifically on “originality, creativity, and effort.”

We also were required to write at least four poems in “their voice.” The idea of the project was to force us to vary our own style by creating a whole alternate persona, thus encouraging us to take risks we normally wouldn’t take in our own work. We then had to go back and write a self-reflection about the project. This is the totality of my work as I turned it in. Further explanation exists in that self-reflection.

Lastly, for clarity, the Works Cited page includes references to historical events of the time, many of which are true. Julius of Alexandria did not, to my knowledge actually exist, nor did his “family.” Also fictitious is the idea that my mom is consulted by local historians for translation of ancient texts, though she is in-fact a fluent reader of hieroglyphics (part of the project was the requirement that we explain how we personally came upon our Imaginary Poet’s poems).  Historical details in that portion of the project, however, are deliberately as accurate as possible. That’s why I had to come up with a Work’s Cited page, I felt I did enough research that it was necessary, such as the dates and how the location of the actual historic ancient library remains undetermined. The same is true relating to the information about Theophilus. Enjoy 🙂

IP Poet Bio,

Imaginary Poets Poem 1,

Imaginary Poets Poem #2,

IP Poem 3 for Printing,

Imaginary Poets Poem 4,

IP Self Reflection,

Word.IP Works Cited

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