MTV Music Video Voting….Sometimes choices are harder than they seem…

So being a subscriber to Taylor Swift​’s fanmail list, I got an email reminding me to vote for her for her MTV music video nominations.

Among the categories she’s up for is “Video Of The Year.”

As much as I want to vote for “Bad Blood” for sake of fan loyalty, I’m not as much a fan of that song as many others seem to be. Still, the video is great.

But one video also up for the category is giving me fits as I try to choose between it and the “Bad Blood” one. How the video below ISN’T nominated for “Best Choreography” blows my mind. In any case, this is tough for me as I try and separate my inclination because of fan loyalty (which gives Taylor a vast lead) and my love of the song and the actual choreography (both of which give Ed significant ground).

And the reason I am saying all this at sunrise on a Thursday morning is to get y’all’s takes, because I’m every curious and love hearing from y’all. And the reason I’m putting so much thought into all of this, as I prepare for two separate geology finals in the next 24 hours, is because I feel like who you vote for in such cases is one of many methods of self expression.

Here’s the video I’m struggling to choose Bad Blood over:

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