ESPN College Pick’em Selections Week 6; Horns To Cause Chaos, K-State To Follow, Georgia To Rebound

I’m learning this season that the whole “pick with your heart” approach to picking football teams in games just isn’t real effective.

This season, for the first time ever, I decided to play ESPN’s College Pick’em. I’ve never participated in any formal type of game like that and that inexperience shows. My record this season through 50 picks is 24-26 (right Vs. wrong respectively).

Like I said, clearly “picking with your heart” isn’t something I’m very good at yet apparently. Picking based on who I think the better teams are hasn’t helped me improve much more either.

That might leave one to wonder where the disconnect is? Do I just have no clue on college football, or is it maybe something more?

Arrogant as it may be, I’m willing to say it’s a mix of both, but mostly the later. This college football season has been weird! Just how weird, you ask? Let me just point out two things we’ve seen so far to give you a little perspective:

-Penn State lost to Temple in week 1. That hadn’t happened in 74 years, according to ESPN.

-Alabama went into the game last week against Georgia as underdogs. That was the first time they weren’t favored in more than 70 games.

Closer to home, in a game I watched and shot the highlight video for, K-State went into Stillwater, Oklahoma, and lost their starting quarterback in the first half. They had to move a young man named Kody Cook over from wide receiver, and he kept them in the game until he also was injured. The Wildcats damn near won with a wide receiver playing quarterback on the road against a top 25 ranked team.

In other words, to quote one of my favorite commercial campaigns: “Mayhem is everywhere.”

So I pray my fellow college football fan, and all the connoisseurs out there that may stumble on my humble little page, might forgive me just a bit as I learn what nobody else really seems to know how to do either: predict Mayhem.

College football has narrowly avoided total chaos so far. Maybe it’s the kid in me who loves Austin more than any place on earth, or the naive Wildcats fan who believes last year’s loss to Auburn was closer than it looked, which compels me to make these picks.

Either way, we are nothing if we are not true to who we are, and I am driven by my heart in all I do. So here are my picks for week 6 of college football, based on the match-ups provided by ESPN. This is how I’ll do it every week from here on out through the rest of the college football season. Before I start though, I’m adding one for the raw fun of it, and for pride’s sake.

I’m picking K-State at home over #2 TCU. Final Score: 28-24. #FreeJustinSilmon #ThatDefenseTho #Mayhem 😉

Here are the ESPN ones 🙂

Texas at home over #10 Oklahoma– This is as true of a rivalry as exists in all of sports, and you never know what will happen in them. Rumor has it there are more than 3,000 unsold tickets on the Texas side of the Cotton Bowl. I’m counting on the Longhorns coming out and showing up their fanbase. Plus if they loose, Charlie Strong may not have another chance to beat OU as Longhorns’ head coach.

#21 Oklahoma State on the road over West Virginia– Not sure if Oklahoma State scored so much last week because K-State couldn’t stop a pass, or if it was because they’re really good, but WVU just lost stud safety Karl Joseph, so I don’t see it going any better for them than it did for K-State.

#13 Northwestern on the road over #18 Michigan– I think Michigan is a little overrated, and it’s not as hard to win in Ann Arbor as it used to be.

#5 Utah at home over #23 California– California nearly lost to Texas earlier this season, and Texas is 1-4, so you do the math against a 4-0 team.

#12 Florida State at home over Miami (FL)– I don’t know a lot about either team, so I’ll take the ranked one here.

#11 Florida Gators on the road over Missouri– Missouri has been good since moving to the SEC, even though they were a middle-of-the-pack team in the Big 12. Still, Florida seems to be pulling it together, so I have them.

#25 Boise State on the road over Colorado State– I have no idea what to think of Boise State honestly. I picked them in the only game selected that involved them (week 2 against BYU) and they lost that game, but I have no reason to think CSU has a shot here against a ranked team. Watch them win and me eat those words next week 😉

#19 Georgia on the road over Tennessee– Georgia’s only loss was against an enraged Alabama team. I think they’ll rebound strong against a 2-3 Vols team

Penn State at home over Indiana– This one is as much of a toss-up as exists, besides maybe the final game I have to pick this week, but Penn State’s only loss was a weird loss to Temple that I talked about earlier. They’ll be fine.

Wisconsin on the road over Nebraska– This is the ultimate toss-up, but I live in Kansas, and I’m bitter at teams that left the Big 12 in recent memory, which includes 2-3 Nebraska.

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