An Ode To My Yoga Mat

Earlier, I posted a Facebook status that I must now amend.

Today, I wrote that there was only one thing that could salvage my Sunday, and that was an impromptu Tap dance session in my apartment on the mobile floors I’ve been issued to me.

It turns out I was just kidding; there were actually two things that were able to help savage today. I wrote this about my first yoga session since June, which happened tonight.

Allow me to become a bit melodramatic for a moment 😛

Dear Beloved Cadillac of a Yoga Mat,

It’s been months since we saw each other. You’ve stayed single while I saw other mats, often working out my core on their more cushioned but less grippy surfaces because I was afraid to try and hold you with my hands. I’ve hated the time away from you, I’ve felt…lost and tight without you!

But tonight, dearest friend and playful platform of insanity, we reunited! We held strong, you held me, and I held you, and for just one hour there, including ten minutes of blissful Savasana, we again were one! We were friends again, teammates again, colleagues and compadres again!

Oh dear and beloved Maduka mat, I have missed our friendship, but I am ecstatically overjoyed for us to have renewed our vows this evening!


The boy with tight hamstrings

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