ESPN College Pick’em selections, week 10; Buying In to Oklahoma State

Dear Stanford; thank you for pulling out the win in the last game of the night last week. With that win, I went 7-3 last week. What does that mean?

I’ve got 50 right picks this year!!! Ooooowwwww!!!! 😛

I’m officially 50-40 this season!

Is that really that good? Is making 55 percent of my picks really that impressive? Probably not, but maybe, I don’t know because I’ve never done this before lol. Come on now, I’m new at this, I’m entitled to celebrate irrelevant things, and the number 50 pertaining to anything good is always impressive.

Anyways, last week Texas laid an egg and was shutout. So much for my hope in them this year. I still think they’ll do well though and win the next couple of games. I still think they’ll upset Baylor in December, but I don’t think that’ll be as big of a deal then as it might seem to be now. After watching Baylor against K-State, I’m not impressed. Add that to the fact that Baylor plays Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU between now and then, and I think Baylor could have three losses by that point. We’ll see.

Speaking of Oklahoma State, they’re my pick this week to cause some mayhem. I’ll save you the overrated analysis, you aren’t reading this blog for that and as I mentioned earlier, I’m new to this. But I have watched Oklahoma State a little, and I just really think they look good. Both them and their opponents this week survived scares by K-State, but theirs seemed less scary. Then again it was at home and was wide receiver Kody Cook’s first playing time at quarterback this season and Oklahoma State as at home. TCU had neither circumstance going for them. So which was closer? Who’s to really know.

That said let’s get right to it today as my picks go.

Week 10 picks 🙂

Arizona State on the road over Washington State: Most ESPN users are picking Washington State in this one, maybe because they have one more win to the their record. They don’t seem divided by that much to me though, so I’ll take ASU.

North Carolina at home over Duke: This is another toss up, and it’s a rivalry so it’s hard to pick for sure. Still, I’ll take North Carolina.

#4 Alabama at home over #2 LSU: Aside from Bill Snyder, I still think Nick Saban is the best coach in the country. If anyone can stop Leonard Fournette, my money would be on Saban. This is also this week’s tiebreaker pick, so I’m predicting a score 28-21 Alabama. Role Tide… 😛

#13 Memphis at home over Navy: Come on now, is this even going to be a contest?

#12 Utah on the road over Washington: Utah has been hit and miss but they do only have one loss, so I’ll take them at home.

#5 Notre Dame on the road over Pittsburg: Notre Dame might be for real this year. I’ve read at least one column that says Notre Dame is on “upset alert” today, but I think they’ll still pull this out 🙂

#1 Clemson on the road over #16 Florida State: This game is one I could see being a major upset, in no small part because Clemson tends to loose big games a the worst possible times, and this would count. Still, they have a lot of momentum as a team right now. I’ll take them.

#9 Iowa on the road over Indiana: There’s been a lot of talk about how wronged Iowa feels after being 8-0 but well out of the college football playoff picture since the initial rankings came out this week. Let’s see how play today. I bet they drop 50 points on the Hoosiers.

Marshall on the road over Middle Tennessee State: Marshall, for what they are, is 8-1 this year. MTSU is 3-5. I don’t know anything about either team, but I know a blowout coming when I see it… I think ;).

#14 Oklahoma State on the road over #8 TCU: I think Oklahoma State stand a much better chance of knocking off than anyone else remaining on TCU’s schedule, which includes OU, Baylor and Kansas. K-State almost upset TCU at home back in October, and I think Oklahoma State is significantly better than K-State. So this is my major upset pick today.

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