Something New To Watch For

About a week ago, I started reading every day. Keep in mind that at Kansas State University, I am an English major, meaning I often have a serious amount of reading to do just for classes. Add in that I’m a senior, and you could rightfully presume my workload of for-class readings is at least significant enough to make leisurely reading difficult to schedule.

Still, as I sat down with a cup of green tea, a book of Jack Gilbert poems, and “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, I was excited. That took place Nov. 16.

Since then, I’ve been posting the occasional excerpt or two from my morning reading. I don’t always read as many poems from day to day, or as many chapters from day to today, the balance in how much I read of each is determined both by how I’m feeling and what I’m in the mood for, and I think it unwise to become married to one “minimum” guideline in either, because then reading just becomes a chore.

With all due respect to the amazing writers I read as part of homework for my two English classes this semester: That’s what homework’s for.

Yesterday, I began adding scripture, which I see as part of my ongoing efforts to become closer to God (which, as a Christian, is a really big deal in my life, even though I’m subtle about it). Now, I’m developing a routine. Every day before classes or rehearsal or anything else, I’m reading. I’ve always loved my mornings, and I’ve always loved getting up early as I relished all that was to come in the day. Recreational reading, however, has added new energy to that desire, energy I didn’t know was missing. It’s fun to go to bed every night now, not because I’m tired, but because I’m eager to wake up the next day and observe what life teaches me. That’s what this reading habit has started to do for me just eight days into the process of being established.

So today, I’m making this public. From now on, I’ll share with you the occasional excerpt from my daily reading. I won’t do too much with scripture in these posts, but otherwise if I find something interesting or thought provoking or inspirational, I’ll share it with you.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or feel free to comment on any of my posts as I submit them. Tomorrow I’ll start with a post I shared on Facebook last week, and I’ll post one a day for the next week until I’ve got you caught up with Facebook.

Check back tomorrow :).

-Shelton 🙂

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