Morning Musings 12/29/2015 :)

Here are some notable quotes from my reading this morning. The first exchange between two of the characters was one I thought to be purely amusing. The second, from the book of poetry I’m reading, was just straight up deep. Enjoy :). I know they’re long, but this novel lends itself to those, if you’ve read it I’m sure you’re well aware. πŸ˜›

“‘…Well, he certainly is very agreeable, and I give you leave to like him. You have liked many a stupider person.’

‘Dear Lizzy!’

‘Oh! you are a great deal too apt, you know, to like people in general. You never see a fault in anybody. All the world are good and agreeable in your eyes. I never heard you speak ill of a human being in your life.’

‘I would not wish to be hasty in censuring anyone; but I always speak what I think.’

‘I know you do; and it is that which makes the wonder.'”

—from “Pride and Prejudice”


“The body keeps so little of the life after
being with her eleven years,
and the mouth not even that much. But the heart
is different. It never forgets
the pine trees with the moon rising behind them
every night.”

—From “Kunstkammer” by Jack Gilbert
Have a great day everyone. Let me know if you need anything. πŸ™‚

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