The Parable Of The Ponds

The Parable Of The Ponds
There was a Man who stood over a mountain pond in Maine.
He looked into the pond.
It was modest and mundane,
but in this pond, He saw potential.

So He took some of the water from all the best other ponds
and put it into the small one. He also moved other ponds near it.
There were many ponds,
but though He labored without fatigue, He knew He would only move a few.

After He added water from the others,
He saw only the smallest results.
This displeased Him,
for He believed in this pond.

So He found the best ponds, the very best ponds,
handcrafted in the highest mountain coves by the waters of His heart,
and He picked the seven best, borrowed some of their finest sediments,
and, one by one, He added their sediments to the small pond.

The first pond’s choicest sediment had no effect, save to fill.
The second had an effect, but it was very gradual, and would take time.
The Man became frustrated. This little pond stubbornly refused cleansing.
Finally, the man got to the third sediment.

This was a special sediment, far more filled with diamonds than the first two.
Of all the sediments in all the lakes and ponds, this was His first or second favorite.
Begrudgingly, hoping this little lake might finally ripple the right way,
He dropped the third of seven sediments into the small mountain pond.

Long ago created green, the pond became Blue.

It began to change, to charge with energy, to self-cleanse,
Microorganisms! LIFE!, all started prevailing in the pond!
It suddenly hungered for rain
and thirsted to overcome its banks.

Instantaneously, He knew the pond would never be the same.
So did the pond.

Such was the story of self-disbelief
and the human heart.

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