A Big Announcement :)

God is great 😀!!!.

In a profession where we’re told repeatedly to brace ourselves for at least 10 “No” responses to every one “yes”…

I got a yes.

From the Salina Journal 🙂.

I’m giddy and exuberant to announce I’ll be interning with them as a writer this summer! :P. Look for my work, and possibly Sweetness’, on the front page at some point starting in June 😛.

I’ve heard it repeatedly said that internships are how you break into the journalism industry after college.

I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that this basically means, God willing, I’m going to get to do this writing thing forever :D.

I’d shed tears of joy, but my body knows they would only serve to soil my shirt, and not do any real justice to my excitement anyway. :D.

We have lots to work on between now and then. Time to get to it. :).

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