Poetry: 2-1-1 At Home, 2-0 Win Over UMKC

A poem about a night at Kansas State Soccer:


2-1-1 At Home. 2-0 Win Over UMKC
Stand in the stadium after
their last home win. Hear their
voices, vibrant and surrounded
by friends, family, loved ones.
Use your ears and see
the internal battles each one faces:
two parts triumph, one part conflict, one part fatigue.
Stand in silence amid the organized
chaos. Stand. Bask in the way the voices
feel as you hear them, in the way you see
only their smiles and the tired outlines of their eyes
under the night sky. See the scoreboard that screams
“2-0 victory” with ignited lights.
Feel their smiles in your soul. Warm, jubilant, sometimes
frustrated. Imagine what they feel, then don’t.
If you’re really listening with your eyes
and seeing with your heart
they’ll tell you.
But you have to choose. Like each of them
did. Like each, who chose to come to a Division 1
school with no soccer program. You have to choose
to turn around before you walk through the gate to write
about their victory. You have to choose to realize
that what’s really worth writing about is worth waiting for.
You have to choose
To realize that the stories really worth telling
Are the ones that happen when nothing is happening at all.

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