Pending Changes

Dearest Readers,

Good morning! I hope you’re having a great Saturday wherever you are.

I wanted to let you know of some changes that will be taking place to my blog here soon. Due to a mix up and some technology complications, I recently purchased a website through WordPress, thinking I was locked out of this site and needed to start over. After I did, I found what I needed to get back into this one (my backup codes for two-step authentication, which I was sure I’d shredded). In essence, I now have this site, with all of you who at least appear to like my work, and that one. But that one I’ve set up to be both more simple, and more personal. It also allows me advanced functions like uploading videos through Videopress and playing around with other features that I’m kind of geeking out over. Not to mention that it comes with 13 GB of space, which is more than quadruple what I have here.

So what I’ve decided to do is this: Poet598, which is and always will be my sort of brand (I have that on most social media platforms) will be used to share poetry. I believe the bulk of you read for my poetry, so I’m going to keep providing that here.

My miscellaneous writing, however, and anything I do or write pertaining to dance and/or my professional adventures as a journalist, will now be on the new site:

This change means I can keep catering to you guys who like how I share poetry, but so I can also expand my creative horizons a little without annoying you who only like the poetry with a bunch of other stuff you don’t care about.

I am @poet598 on twitter, so if you’re interested in everything, just follow me there, as I’ll post from both sites through that account.

I know this sounds complicated and I know it sounds annoying to you guys. But thank you for your patience and for hanging with me all these years.

Keep smiling,

Shelton M. Burch

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