Welcome to Poet598.com!

I started this site to be a place to share my journey as an aspiring poet, and as a writer. Slowly I got interested in dance, and this site became a venue to share my work and stories about those adventures as well.

Eventually though, I’ve added journalism to my writing craft, first becoming a news writer for my collegiate newspaper, the Kansas State Collegian, then at the Salina Journal in summer 2016 and at the Manhattan Mercury the summer after.

Most recently, I’ve taken the positon of the sports editor at the Dodge City Daily Globe, in Dodge City, Kansas, a position I started in August 2017.

As I’ve come to realize my dream of being a professional sports writer, I’ve come to recognize a few things from studying successful other sports journalists. One thing I’ve noticed, for instance, is that almost every great sports journalist has a niche: One thing they master to the point nobody can present them new data or information. Scott Van Pelt has golf, Wojnarowski has NBA basketball, etc.

I’m still working on finding whatever that will be in my case, but I suspect (although I didn’t intend this when I typed those examples oddly) that golf and basketball will be my two things as well. Either those, women’s sports, or a combination of the two.

Of course, I’ll never stop working to understand every sport I can enough to report insightfully on it, but those are the ones I have enough fun with that I could see myself doing only those if the right opportunities came.

In the meantime, I’m constantly working on my writing, speaking and storytelling abilities. I memorize poetry and practice orating it because learning to tell speak quick, articulate, artistic lines is both a great way to learn to write them and an even better way to learn to speak well in front of an audience or (hypothetically speaking) on a camera. I read lots and love researching statistics, though I’m still learning exactly where to find everything I want when it come to high school ones.

Lastly, I know the world requires sports writers to constantly build their multimedia abilities and their voices when it comes to things like columns. At the Dodge Globe, I’m working constantly on learning to translate the voice you see in my writing here into something useful journalistically, all the while figuring out how to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible, with uncompromising accuracy.


Here, on this site, you’ll find my most unrestrained explorations of words and storytelling in a more casual setting. Here, you can see my efforts as I try to become the best writer and storyteller possible. I’ll share photos, videos, personal essays, short poems, and long ones. And of course, I’ll share share stories with you.

I hope you’ll like what you find.