Welcome to Poet598.com!

I started this site to be a place to share my journey as an aspiring poet, and as a writer. Slowly I got interested in dance, and this site became a venue to share my work and stories about those adventures as well.

Eventually though, I’ve added journalism to my writing craft, first becoming a news writer for my collegiate newspaper, the Kansas State Collegian, then at the Salina Journal in summer 2016 and at the Manhattan Mercury in 2017.

Even as I’ve realized my dream of becoming a professional sports journalist, I have also come to believe the study and practice of poetry still holds practical value.

The great poets both of today and of yesterday were and are masters of packing small phrases of words with multiple, intense meanings. The great poets translate the world around them into phrases so artistically that people want to read the words over and over again just to hear them silently in their head, yet also infuse them so they are both rich with meaning, yet concise.

We as journalists can take a lesson from the way poets do this. Through my study of poetry and literature, I believe I’ll have tools few other journalists do. In today’s world, our readers demand masters of words. They demand writers not just of combining words into phrases that sound good, but also are thorough, short, easily understood, yet meaningful.

Here, on this site, you’ll find my freest explorations of words and storytelling as I try to become the best writer and storyteller possible. I’ll share photos, videos, personal essays, short poems, and long ones. And of course, I’ll share stories with you through both prose and poetry.

I hope you’ll like what you read here :).