My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio.

I am the sports editor at the Dodge City Daily Globe, where I’ve been since August of 2017. Below you’ll find a mixture of my work there, at the Kansas State University student newspaper where I worked before, plus work I did at the two interships I did over the last couple of summers. For more about me and some of my writing and journalistic beliefs, click here.

Check out @DodgeSportsGuy on Twitter, since August 2017, to see how I use social media in reporting.

Lastly, if you just want the work to see what my work is like, here are some links:

Favorite Coverages/Work I’ve Done at the Dodge City Daily Globe

A recap with some decent photography about the local college basketball teams

I did a recap and included edited video and photography to support the writing

Some stat analysis I did on some recent high school basketball games

More stat analysis, to help you figure out if I can actually do it well or not

Breaking Sports News

A story I did when Dodge City High School’s volleyball coach resigned in 2017


A monthly sports column I started to do about local sports and things

A column I wrote for my university’s student newspaper on the awkwardness of K-State’s first home soccer game

Photography I did at K-State:

Videography I’ve done that wasn’t at the Dodge City Daily Globe:

Highlights from K-State’s football game against Oklahoma State University, Oct. 3, 2015.

News Features and Profiles:

Feature on a proposed fee increase by the Kansas State Libraries to all K-State students the next academic year

Feature on Bike cops, which earned an honorable mention at the Kansas Collegiate Media Awards

Local native wins CrossFit World Championships

Nationally recognized volunteer uses efforts to reshape public perception of inmates