My Second Opinion Piece Ever

Hey everyone!

I initially considered writing this as a blog post, but after I wrote it I felt I needed to see if I could write it for my newspaper instead. It needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Check it out 🙂

What It Means To Be A Journalist

I’m starting to get seriously pissed off about some of the stories of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault I’m reading in the news.

There are some victims out there, lots of them, who are getting seriously wronged by the legal system because of various issues within it. These victims deserve to be assisted, if not by the system than by the reporters who are the hungry watchdogs of that it. It is our job as journalists, whether writers or editors, to ensure victims do not have their voices suppressed by the powerful who seek to hurt them. We are both able and obligated to share their stories while protecting them.

We absolutely must.

As editors, we must demand careful attention and vital thoroughness from our writers and we must encourage and assist them in pursuing the untold, sometimes silenced, voices of the wronged. As writers, we must amplify these voices carefully so as to protect them, while doing so vigorously so as to cause those in society who didn’t know of them to intercede on their behalf.

That is why we exist in modern times. Journalists have evolved from the storytellers who kept history from being forgotten long before there was parchment, into the storytellers who keep history from repeating itself.

Let us not forget that.