Relief At My Discovery Tonight Regarding Stephen Colbert

So tonight, I was curious what happened to Stephen Colbert and why I hadn’t heard from him after he was supposed to be taking over The Late Show.

I guess I’m behind the power curve on this one, but in case y’all didn’t know and were wondering in the back of your minds like I was, he’s scheduled to host his first show on September 8th, according to this article by Senior Writer Natalie Abrams.

The reason I am sharing this is simple: I’m extremely relieved to hear that the lack of attention to him hasn’t come from him just getting on and being awful (which I dearly hope doesn’t happen) but rather is because he simply hasn’t begun performing yet :). This discovery fills me with joy.

I’m not a guy who has cable, and I don’t subscribe to Netflix or Hulu either, a characteristic that puts me in the minority of all generations, especially my own. But here’s the thing: I love actors and I love people, don’t get me wrong. This is not an indictment on any of them or their art, because I respect both the people and the art of television acting as much I respect almost any other group or art. But my philosophy is this: I don’t watch television because A. reading is a lost art and you can never do enough of it, and B. If I’m busy watching television, realistically I’m watching someone else fulfill their dream using time I could be spending to chase my own.

Again, that isn’t a hit against other artists, including actors, and there’s nothing wrong with watching them as a form of entertainment. I just don’t enjoy that form of entertainment as much as I enjoy a play or a night watching a game at a sports bar with friends. The cost of cable is outrageous and doesn’t match up with how often I’d use it, and even though I would use it, the fact is that it’d be distracting me from doing what I should be doing: either reading, or working out my body, mind, and my own crafts (writing and dancing).

With that all said though, Stephen Colbert is one of the most comically brilliant minds of my generation. He is, very possibly, our equivalent of what David Letterman was to my parents, and I find it rather fitting he gets to succeed Mr. Letterman in 2015. Because of this; because of his talent and all he did on The Colbert Report while I moved from my late teens to my early adult years, I may just have to get cable to watch him become an even bigger legend than he already is.

Just a thought. :). If you haven’t ever watched any of his work, click here :).

Growing Up, If Only A Little

I heard the ice break outside my window. I laid up in bed and watched out the window as one hooded figure about 5 feet tall slid carefully across the ice on the sidewalk across the street. It halted at the corner, and another figure of similar height and description approached from another direction to meet them.

I watched intently. On a foggy Manhattan morning in which the city actually received its first rain of the year, I wondered if I was about to watch some kind of drug deal go down or something. Here were these two hooded figures having a conversation at length and meeting on a dimly lit street corner at 7:00 A.m. on a Friday. I wondered also, should this be some kind of drug deal, if I was signing my death certificate, as I made no attempt to hide my face. Still, having wondered this, I figured any damage or damnation was already done, and I thus continued to watch.

After about five minutes of doing this I laid back down, my curiosity satisfied after seeing nothing. Then, after about 3 minutes of daydreaming, I heard what sounded like a big truck come to a stop. I looked up, and saw a school bus. And I laughed. 🙂

When my little brother came out to visit just before the end of 2013, I had a conversation with him. At 13 years old, he told me he didn’t want to grow up because it sounded like it sucked; with bills and job commitments and that kind of thing. At the time, I tried my best to explain to him that actually it was quite worth it. There was the freedom to do whatever you wanted if you could find a way to afford it (and so long as it was legal, which I feel goes without saying), there was the freedom to choose how hard to work and how far to go with what work you did and the freedom to choose where you worked at all. There was the freedom to not stress about anything when you didn’t want to, to wake up when you wanted to (based on your other commitments of course), and the freedom to decide HOW you wanted to live. To decide to rent a place, buy a place, and to decorate or make it whatever you wanted based on that, and who to live with or whether or not to live alone. The option to choose when to go drive, where to go drive, and what to go do on your drive. For all the hassles that adult life may have and cause, I tried to explain to him that it’s completely and wonderfully worth it.

But as I laid down in bed, having seen that school bus pick up those two kids and turn down the road toward the local elementary school, I realized that all the reasons in the world were irrelevant compared to this feeling. I laid down in my queen sized bed, checked my phone, and basked in the comfort of how soft it was. I had chosen it, and I had chosen well. Getting to simply feel happy as I lay there and daydream, about winning a poetry contest or taking the girl of my dreams out on a date, was the only reason I needed to be glad I’d grown up a little.

I wish I could have just imparted that feeling upon him…

Thanks for reading…