Giddy AF As I Finish Football Research

I feel so good it’s insane right now. A perfect cup of coffee in my favorite mug helps.

What helps even more is doing college football research.

I’m literally giddy AF right now.

Research means I’ll soon be writing previews about the season, and if I do well enough maybe that’ll help me get a job actually covering it, and if I do that well enough maybe it’ll lead to a career doing that!

I love feature writing, and maybe I can get a job after my current internship where I help cover news in the offseason, but sports is and truly always will be my first ambition and goal.

I know I’m raw, but I’m swooning at the prospect of possibility, and I’m loving my work this Saturday morning.
Time to finish up, stretch, and go find a waterfall.
Have a good day everyone.

Baylor’s Day Of Reckoning Just Became Real

Heads are rolling at Baylor like marbles today.

I was raised never to celebrate a person’s firing or a company’s failure; I remember a distinct lecture on that the one time I did when I was 11 like the conversation happened yesterday. Still, I was raised even more, both by my parents and by the amazing girls I grew up befriending, to respect and value women.

The fact that the football program and university didn’t look out for the women of their campus to such a well-documented extent causes me relief for their campus’ sake. Baylor will be better off with a new direction, and with an administration that refuses to tolerate the intolerable.

Here’s the announcement made by their Board of Regents.

Portfolio: Video Highlights of K-State Versus Oklahoma State

I shot this video in October 2015 for the Kansas State Collegian. I was assigned to shoot video of the K-State versus Oklahoma State football game which K-State lost. It was my first experience with videography. The video editor did help me with cutting the video and getting the background music set up, but all the video was shot by me alone, and the quotes from the press conference within the video came from audio I recorded as well.

Arizona Cardinals Trading for Matt Barkley

Arizona just agreed to a trade bringing in Matt Barkley from the Eagles according to The move comes the day before teams have to make cuts down to 53 players. This will give them two former USC quarterbacks on the roster including starter Carson Palmer.

ESPN Cardinals beat reporter Josh Weinfuss published an article today predicting the team to cut rookie Phillip Sims and move second-year Logan Thomas to the practice squad because both Sims and Thomas were practice squad eligible.  However, the acquisition of Barkley could complicate that, as I don’t know if Barkley will be also be eligible. If not, I anticipate both Sims and Thomas being cut and the team retaining only Palmer, Drew Stanton and Barkley.

This will be Barkley’s third season according to He’s still young enough that if he brings the intangibles the coaching staff are looking for to the table, Palmer’s mentorship could help mold him into the long-term quarterback the team has been looking for. Multiple media sources, including ESPN, are reporting the trade to include a conditional 7th-round draft pick, so even if he doesn’t work out the Cardinals will not end up loosing a whole lot.

Kansas City @ Arizona, How One Preseason Game Meant More Than The Final Score

In November of last year, two things happened. Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Carson Palmer tore his ACL, and Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback Eric Berry was diagnosed with a Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of Cancer. Each situation immediately ended the season for the players involved

Saturday night, both players returned to the field for the first time. Berry, did not accumulate any statistics despite being on the field intermittently throughout the night, and Carson Palmer only played one drive, according to ESPN stats and information.

But sometimes in sports as in life, the mere effort rather than the results are worth something. Eric Berry’s return to the game meant more to him than how he could have played, it meant coming back from a possibly life-threatening condition and the start of return to his ‘normal.’ For Carson Palmer, it meant the start of a return to his ‘normal,’ as well in that the November ACL tear was his second of his career in a field where few players at his position every completely recover from even one.

So for both players, and fans of both teams, and fans of humanity in general, Saturday night’s preseason opener meant so much more than the 34-19 final score. This was a night where the final game wouldn’t mean anything in the long term, (teams’ records over the next four games are reset after the fourth of these games), but where the human impact would be much longer, both for individuals in the situations themselves and their fans.

On a night where the first female coach in the NFL and the first female referee made their debuts, the human stories, the stories of how each of four unconnected individuals worked their hearts out  to even get to touch the grass of last night’s field, vastly eclipsed the relevance of the final statistics.

But then again, I WOULD say that.

I’m a Cardinals fan, and we lost…

Fantasy Football Experimentation

Hi everyone!

So I started a fantasy football league on ESPN, and I was hoping I might be able to get some of y’all interested in it. Basically my premise is if you’re a blogger, a dancer, or just a writer in general, I’d love to have ya. If you’ve ever heard your boyfriend or husband talking about it and have been curious, or if you’re a dude and you’ve never tried it or are just looking for something relaxed and kind of casual, I’d love to have you be part of it.

If you have any questions or are potentially interested, feel free to contact me at or just leave me a comment here.

Have a great day. 🙂

A Glimpse Into ESPN Beat Writers :)

If you like the St. Louis Rams, or just any NFC West team in the National Football League, this is a neat article, because in it you get a glimpse of each of the major ESPN beat writers for each team in the division :). Josh Weinfuss (covering AZ), Terry Blount (covering Sea) and Paul Gutierrez (covering SF).

#GoCardinals #SuperBowl2016 #CPalmerForComebackPlayerOfTheYear