Influenced Into Life

I watched this

Then wrote this. 🙂 Enjoy.

A Poem

Someone told “You write great
love poems.” Today she said this.
Doesn’t count much for the memoir
sitting unwritten, demanding
my attention on my desk.
My teacher won’t allow it.
Too recent.
But can a person write well
about love anyway? Can they
encounter something so frail,
so delicate, so failing, so easily amused
yet so easily threatened and distracted
and threatened by distraction? Can we
write so well, even in lines of verse
or American vernacular?

But I’m a romantic. How could my memoir be about anything


Interesting quote

ESPN’s Mark Schlereth tweeted this about an hour ago, and I was curious what y’all’s thoughts were on it. I’m an optimist, so generally I see the glass as half-full, but either way, I’m not sure what to make of this. Your thoughts?


For those who can’t see it because of settings or what not, it reads “People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point: The glass is refillable.” –Unknown.

I want to hear what y’all think. Comment below if you please 🙂


Refining The Mission As We Refine Our Interests, Plus: An Announcement :)

It’s becoming clear to me just how fascinated I am by the unseen. Whether it’s the barren desert, ripe with life of the most rugged of sorts just beneath its surface, the ocean that fills this sailor’s horizon in all directions with more life beneath it than can ever be quantified, or the miscellaneous business that springs to life within a city while the owner, story untold, uses it as a starting point to make the world a better place. The unseen, be it that beautiful, wonderful intention the owner has and is practically dying to share if someone would just have the curiosity and interest enough to ask, and the unseen life below the seas and deserts of this earth, these are things I find myself obsessed with as I write. These are the things, the unseen emotions and stories hidden deep within myself and others, that compel me to write.

I’d like to introduce you to a new element I’ll be adding to this blog, starting sometime between now and May. 🙂

On the list of categories that lines the top of this blog will be a new one. Something fun, and probably a pun of some sort. This new category will be where I share stories I find in others. It won’t be strictly journalism, as it will variate from some of the “rules” I’ve been taught classify something as that. It will essentially be more along the lines of PR writing in the form of features, specifics of which are still being ironed out. The overwhelming idea here will be to share the beautiful stories that each person or group I talk to has. I’ve always loved journalism’s standing as the venue for which we as a society learn about each other, and it’s my hope that this new category will be the way I start to fulfill that same role with this blog.

Don’t worry though, this blog will always be about what it’s currently already about. I won’t be changing anything here, I’ll just be adding another element, hopefully in a way that will complement the  rest of what my dear readers already love about this blog.

This is a very big undertaking, and I’m overwhelmingly excited to share this all with you. 🙂

Personal Journal Entry 3.3.2015

Anatomy Class Section

For those who don’t know, we’ve been told to practice doing nothing every day, starting for 5 minutes, working our way up to 15, and to keep a journal of some sort about this. We’re to let ourselves think, but only to the degree that we let the thoughts go peacefully as they come. We’re not to read (which makes it hard for me :P). This is today’s journal about this, and I figured it might make an okay blog post. If y’all are interested in seeing this every day, please don’t hesitate to let me know via comment or email me at Otherwise, I’ll probably just post every other day’s work on here. Either way I’ll have to post in this later in the class web forum. In the meantime though, here it is for all of you.  🙂


Today, I tried just doing nothing as I drank coffee upon waking up. It was early, 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday when I initially woke up. 12 minutes, 6 “cups” worth of coffee beans freshly ground, and a trip to bed later, there I was. But instead of sleeping I sat up, with a notebook and pen to my left and my bedroom window blinds now open. It occurred to me then that this would be a good time to test this meditation sans Savasana concept. I was awake, had ample time to rest without fear of delaying my to-do list, and could use the variety of what I tasted (Sumatra roast by Starbucks, hear (the heater working to keep my place at 75 degrees, yes I’m THAT guy) and saw (the American flag flying on top of the engineering complex construction project which is just visible above the apartments to my northeast) to keep me entertained but thoughtless. Side note: I’ll take “run on sentences” for a thousand Alec. Oh well, it’s pre 2 a.m. 😉

Anyways, I’d say this go at this meditation stuff went well. I focused on letting thoughts drift off my mind like imaginary water drops off my fingers as I rose them to high first. They came but I made sure they never held for too long. By the time I tapped out and gave in to my desire to write, the clock on my iPad had changed from 1:27 a.m. to 1:41. Not bad. Maybe we’ll try this again tomorrow, but about four hours later. 🙂

Have a good day everyone :).