Poetry: Taylor

A photo of Taylor Swift leans against the wall on top of a cube-organizer.
She sits in a lawn-chair, in a flowered and white dress, surrounded by leaves and vines.
Her hair is beautiful and long, her feet bare.

At her feet sit my half marathon finisher’s medals:
My best efforts lay at the feet of something greater.
Her eyes and expression convey curiosity, peace, but also power and awareness.

She overlooks my living room from the frame, our eyes meeting each time I walk through the door. Her photo isn’t much
but it adds beauty to my living space in a way not yet meant to be otherwise.

Because here there is no company. There are, as of yet, no close friends to be teased by about her photo. Nobody to get coffee with at midnight or run snacks to.
There is simply an unending prison of time, and lots of work to be done while I wait.

The Flowers of Kansas State University

I took some photos of flowers here at Kansas State University. Here’s some of the stuff we don’t always notice as students. I avoided the university gardens, since that would have been obvious. These were all taken elsewhere. Enjoy. 🙂

Portfolio: My First Baseball Story

Here is a link to a coverage of K-State Baseball that I wrote for my Web Techniques class’ news blog theMHK.com. I share this because it was the first time I’d covered a game of any sport as both writer and photographer. It also shows what I know about web-writing techniques, such as including various hyperlinks for readers who want to know more.


That was the longer version of the story. Here is a link to the shorter one, which I got up as quickly as I could to help drive readership for those wanting to read about the game immediately afterward. I posted this while I wrote the one above:


Missing My Camera Across Campus

I’ve only had my camera for about two weeks now, but I have a confession.

I feel vulnerable when I don’t have it with me.

They say a photo is worth 1,000 words. I wonder how many words of good prose one is worth, or poetry, or good poetry. Still, I digress.

I question if this is normal. I’m not a photographer at heart, by any stretch of the imagination, yet since I’ve gotten it I’ve felt so much more able to capture those split second things for eternity that only I could see. The way the guys at the top of the tower lower a new segment of wall from a crane six floors up on top of a building being constructed, or the way the sun hits Bosco Student Plaza at sunrise when it’s filled with students rushing off to class, progressing toward the next phase of their lives vigorously.

I can capture all of these things, like fireflies in a jar or laughter by a cute girl that flows in to my voice recorder as ambient noise while interviewing a random stranger nearby.

Maybe there’s more to it. Maybe writing, by nature of being aural in nature of its expression, is one form of beauty that I love but that also causes me to have profound admiration for the other: beauty’s purely visual side.

For now though, I’ll save that existential question for later. All I know, at this very moment, is that I miss my camera, and it isn’t even very far away.