Fun Things I Read Nov. 18.

Hi everyone!

As I continue to catch y’all up on what I’ve been reading, here’s a post from a few days ago, the last time I did my morning reading. Any morning reading posts after this will happen the day of, so you who’ve been following via WordPress will be caught up with those on Facebook. 🙂

Here’s an excerpt I particularly loved from my reading this morning. It comes from my second collection of Jack Gilbert poems, which I picked up Monday.

“Goodness is a triumph. And so it is with love. Love is not the part we are born with that flowers a little and then wanes as we grow up. We cobble love together from this and those of our machinery until there is suddenly an apparition that never existed before. There it is, unaccountable.”

— From “Painting On Plato’s Wall” in the collection titled “The Dance Most of All” by Jack Gilbert.

Just as a heads up, I should tell y’all I haven’t done my reading today, and I may not get to it since my morning is packed with social funness, but if I do, you’ll see another post later tonight. Otherwise, expect something either tomorrow or the next day :).

Have a great day everyone. 🙂 Don’t forget to play :).