A Letter to My Readers :)

Dearest Readers,


It’s been a crazy few weeks. I took a little time off from my writing here because I needed to focus on what I was doing, namely: production week, then the host of projects that were due during dead week, and finally…well, finals week lol.

I have been reading, albeit slowly, and now I’ve actually completed both the collection of poetry and the book Born To Run that I was reading last time I wrote here.

So today, I’ll start something new. I’m still picking the prose, but as for the poetry, I’m excited to have learned that all this time I was reading Jack Gilbert’s later work. I was reading his work from his later years, the years after he had learned love. Now, I go back a little further with my favorite poet and pick up his first collection: Refusing Heaven. 

I’m eager to see if Mr. Gilbert was ever as hopeful as I am, if he ever longed for what he eventually found the way I do.

These next two collections will likely reveal that. I’m excited, and can’t wait to share it with you.